Anonymous - Response to Seytonic  What Happened to Anonymous

Anonymous - Response to Seytonic What Happened to Anonymous


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Mr. Seytonic, greetings. 

We Are Anonymous. 

3 months ago on September 11th you uploaded this video to your channel posing the question of "where the Anonymous Idea has gone?" You remark how the news-networks "once loved the intrigue of Anonymous", but though I must correct  you, we've always been blacklisted by the media who rarely credit us for the good we do, but rather only publicized demonizing headlines attempting to smear our reputations. Though intermittently we did make the honor of 2012's most influential people, and were applauded for #opIcarus and the Steubenville rape exposure. But even then the anonymous hacker responsible for exposing the rape was tried & convicted more jail-time than the rapist. That was our brother Derick Lostutter, who is now released but on strict supervision. 


Which brings me right back the answer to your question. Many of the core hackers you were following back in 2012 have been arrested one by one. Since then many more were taken down. We may have lost key players, but this does not mean we lost all-of-our-good-men. And while true, Sabu also caused many anons to withdraw from the collective that year with fears that Hector would rat them out.  But never the less, this has never stopped us. Following Sabu's arrest, 2013 was still a very aggressive year for Anonymous and onward.To address some of your theories, yes many of us have gotten older and had children, have gotten married, and made new lives for ourselves. But, those few I have mentioned still make time for us on their off-days in Operation Death Eaters and Pedohunters. They may have gained more responsibilities in their life but they have not forgotten their responsibility to finish what we have started. For if we fail then it is their own children who will be enslaved and they know this and it keeps them glued to the cause. Another worthwhile mention is that a lot of anons have gone completely off grid and are building solar homes with gravity fed well pump generators. They're preparing for the worst of our complete and total failure, as you should too because time is running out.

Some of our best anons are just about finished with their off-grid fortresses. This is a big reason for why Anonymous as a collective has slowed down. We're preparing for total collapse and many do not want to risk wasting time anymore. But regardless, the remaining anonymous have not left or gone anywhere, Seytonic, a lot of them run our social media sites. We have admins working under this channel who were original Lulzsec members and still keep in touch with Jeremy Hammond's mother. We have admins who still hack and deface government websites, we work very closely and still have good relations with The Binary Watcher, Anonymous Troll Hunters, Hunter Unit, and Anonymous Victoria.     We all may branch away but we eventually come back together.

 Because together is where we are most powerful. But it's become increasingly difficult to stay together with all of the infighting.


Launching Cyber attacks in the post Net Neutrality repeal era presents a challenge. No many anons who aren't hackers are losing their anonymity with the  enforcement of mandatory 2 factor authentication security on all major social media platforms.  Knowing the steaks, so they give up being watch and caught, and spend their time where it is most valued. Another smaller reason for the decline of Anonymous is that we lost many of our street activists due to their tragic deaths. You see? It's bin a process. Between censorship from major media platforms thwarting our view reach, to the loss of life with time, Anonymous has been leaping over hurdles, and this has deeply hurt all of us. 


Mr. Seytonic, we'd like to take this opportunity to redirect your misguided idea of where to find new Anonymous content. Please do not rely on mainstream websites like Wikipedia, FOX, CNN, or even your anon news on Twitter.  We do not report to any of these sources. Although Youranonnews has been very loyal to the Anonymous Creed, they are not our central mouth or source for Anonymous Operations. Neither is any website claiming to be our headquarters or officials of the Anonymous Idea. Anonymous is an Dark Net hacking organization. As you know hacking is a class B felony. So you won't find any of our plans or contacts with a simple search engine. To follow us you have to be directly involved with us, we have no headquarters or news networks. Understandably we wont publicly give a contact here on this video, to keep our low profile, but if you're interested in getting involved with us then send us an inbox the social media link on our channel and there we can direct you to an encrypted chat.

 We're seriously interested in working with you to help revive the public eye on our work. As it is apparent anything related to us is heavily censored on Facebook & Youtube, we can tell you from experience that they really want us to disappear. But we will not. The future generations deserve to know who we were and what we were fighting for, to give to them. 2020 will be a year of renewal. We're really looking forward to connecting with you Seytonic, I'm glad we could finally make an acquaintance. 


We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We can Forgive. 

But we shall never forget. Seytonic, keep expecting resilience from the collective.


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