The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VIrus you've heard all month! Kinda (deleted by YT) See description!

The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VIrus you've heard all month! Kinda (deleted by YT) See description!


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Published on Feb 22, 2020 by Dana Ashlie

Is this truly Viral or is to do with the fact that 5G? China has unleashed 60 GHz all throughout the country with WUHAN as the PILOT CITY. Unbelievable comparisons to symptoms 'showing' as a Virus compared vs what happens when one is hit with 60GHz waves, and it's impact on the uptake of oxygen via the hemoglobin. This specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60GHz causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. What would be the ultimate 'solution' to such a problem as this "Virus"?


More specific:

The latest 5G communication system and SARS-Cov-2-Symptoms.
5G is operating at 60 GHz then that could be the cause of the respiratory problems.
At ..."60 GHz the absorption is very high, with 98% of the transmitted energy absorbed by atmospheric oxygen."

When oxygen molecules are being hit with radio frequency emissions of 60 GHz, the millimeter wave affects the orbital properties of the electrons.

This means that even if the patient is getting enough air, the haemoglobin's ability to bind to the oxygen molecules is interfered with and there is little uptake of oxygen into the blood stream.

This could also happen if the patients are hooked up to some kind of wireless device (ventilator?) using the 5G tech.
The US has a RF band allocation of 57 to 64 GHz and this band was "recently adopted across the world for commercial use for wireless communication", according to As far as I know the first person to start talking about the dangers of 5G and the 60GHz frequency was Joe Imbriano. His YT channel is called The Fullerton Informer.


"In addition to this, the 5G frequency is connected to the 60 GHz millimeter-wave band — 5G applications will require unlocking of new spectrum bands in higher frequency ranges above 6 GHz to 100 GHz and beyond (5G is to start initially with sub-6GHz moving as quickly into 6GHz and above as the network advancement allows). This will allow the utilization of sub-millimeter and millimeter waves to allow ultra-high rates of data to be transmitted in the same amount of time as compared with previous deployments of RF/MW radiation. 5G represents a massive step up from 3G at 1.8-2.5 GHz, and 4G at 2-8 GHz, placing it well within the microwave category. This frequency is miles away from the natural resonance of 8Hz that our bodies are accustomed to, and far, far above current EMF levels (which are already damaging enough). High-frequency 60GHz 5G has already been shown to interfere with the oxygen molecules we breathe. Joe Imbriano has studied the molecular level of impact 5G will have and made an alarming discovery – 5G’s 60GHz bandwidth was selected for a specific reason. Imbriano thinks this reason may be to negatively affect the oxygen we breathe as part of a population control mechanism: “60GHz is the frequency of oxygen molecule absorption. Oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other, oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules bonded together with the electrons that they share.” When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of those shared electrons. It is those shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood. In addition to disrupting oxygen absorption, 5G will alter the iron and magnetite function respectively of the hemoglobin and pineal gland. Hemoglobin and the pineal gland have a magnetic compound within them. The magnetic field disruption is already happening, but, with 5G, this disruption will be more seriously amplified. Hemoglobin is a very complex ferromagnetic compound. If we interfere with the orbital spin properties of diatomic oxygen’s (O2) electrons via 5G, our ability to absorb oxygen will be significantly hampered, creating slow suffocation. Because of this additional factor, with or without 5G, people should avoid 60 GHz WiFi systems in any case. At 60GHz the frequencies also impair the body’s ability to produce vitamin D and melanin. In this context, 5G and the 60 GHz delivery system is an overt attack on the human body."



Even a plant cant grow side to side a wifi router, the router destroy any oxygen process, destroy the mv in the cell -mv20 to -mv25, and alters because of that all bological system: blood ph changes. OXYGEN IS DESTROYED BY RADIATION.


Intravenous Ascorbic Acid (IVAA) for COVID-19 Supportive Treatment in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients (Based on use in China and US settings)

Primary Author: Dr. Paul S. Anderson





Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Feb 2, 2020

Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment

for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses

by Andrew W. Saul and Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, Ph





by Hugh Riordan, MD, Neil Riordan, PhD, Joseph Casciari, PhD, James Jackson, PhD, Ron Hunninghake, MD, Nina Mikirova, PhD, and Paul R. Taylor




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