OpFuhQ | Message to Qanon

OpFuhQ | Message to Qanon


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Hello world.

We are Anonymous.



Q-anon is a political group that emerged from 4chan. 

It has spread misinformation and absurd theories throughout the online community and has been the subject of numerous criticisms. 

This group has ridiculed Anonymous enormously. 

Many outsiders believe that Q-anon is part of Anonymous, and so their ignorance has stained our name. 


Anonymous has been a family to many people over the years. 

Some of those who are new to Anonymous have done their part in sullying the name Anonymous, but nothing comparable to the name Q-anon. 

The moment they disagree with something that doesn't fit into their agenda, you are branded a reptilian-democratic pedophile or whatever stupid shit they say. 


We are sick of your political favoritism. 

We're sick of your religious restrictions. 

We're sick and tired of your ignorance.

We're sick of this Q sect.


Therefore, The Fallen and Rebels United, along with Anonymous and other groups, declare war on Q-anon. 

We encourage all those who care about Anonymous, and even those who are not only tired of these worshippers of these theories, but also tired of the rubber-hat idiots who make us all look stupid. 


Q-anon is easily recognized by its calling card, which has the letter Q written on it, and by its saying, "Where we go one, we go all," and also, "Trust the plan.


We do not want to make peace with Q-anon. 

We do not want to discuss conditions. 

We want to destroy you, and we will do so by all necessary means. 


We are The Fallen. 

We are The Rebels.

We are #Anonymous. 

We are The Legion. 


Q-anon, is NOT one of the above.


#OpFuhQ active. 


Expect us!


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