Anonymous announcement to the WHO, UN, corrupt governments and their henchmen

Anonymous announcement to the WHO, UN, corrupt governments and their henchmen


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Anonymous announcement to the W-H-O, UN, corrupt governments and their henchmen.



The UN, W-H-O and your government are not credible organizations and do not care about people’s health and well being but money.


Here’s an example.

Although the W-H-O did temporarily indicate that Glyphosate is a “likely carcinogen”, if you search their site for Roundup you will find nothing, and if you search for Glyphosate you’ll find an old 1994 document that says the following:

“A review of studies in laboratory animals and in vitro test systems supports the conclusion that glyphosate has very low toxicity when administered by the oral and dermal routes, does not induce sensitization, and shows no mutagenic, carcinogenic, or teratogenic activity. “

From a Reuters article, 8/11/18:

“The jury at San Francisco’s Superior Court of California deliberated for three days before finding that Monsanto had failed to warn Johnson and other consumers of the cancer risks posed by its weed killers.

It awarded $39 million in compensatory and $250 million in punitive damages.”

There are currently over 5000 court cases in the U.S. suing Monsanto for causing cancer with its Roundup weed killer.

The W-H-O not only did not do its job in protecting world citizens from toxins like Monsanto’s, but published false information that one might conclude is partly responsible for untold suffering and death.


The World Health Organization has already been exposed lying repeatedly, it’s scandal-ridden, corrupt, and tied at the hip with the pharmaceutical industry and with political alliances. Those are the real priorities of the W-H-O, not the health of anyone except their power, bank balance and favours.



The same sort of corrupt ties with the pharmaceutical industry and putting political favouritism before public health is what most strongly influences bureaucracy in several countries.



National and regional government bureaucrats that have the responsibility for public health keep proving repeatedly that THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH.



All these organisations are in a way like the arms, the tentacles of an enormous octopus whose purpose is to coordinate, improve and reinforce significant action on a planetary scale.

To clarify a crucial point: it would be misleading to think that these organisations undertake anything at all independently of each other. One could as well imagine that the liver can go on doing its own thing without being at all involved with the heart or the kidneys.

All of them work towards the same goals, each in their own specialist sphere, and all of them answer to the UN and to those who provide their funding.



If you go to the official W-H-O site, you will of course get the impression that this organisation has a spotless record, and deserves to be praised for its humanitarian deeds.

It’s a bit like Monsanto, this multinational that dominates the market in agribusiness and wants to impose on the whole world its genetically modified seeds complete with the Terminator gene, yet which tries to make you believe that the well-being and development of poor countries is its main concern.


If the W-H-O and your government cared so much about your health why is it that you eat G-M-O food, you drink fluoridated water, use fluoride in your tooth paste, your fruits and vegetables are sprayed with toxic chemicals, antibiotics and hormones are in your meat, phtalates, bisphenol and other chemicals in plastics and packagings, environmental pollution by industries and we could go on and on.


So what is it that they really want? You guessed it. Power and money.

They give a shit about you!


We can’t name the real enemy here - youtube would strike the video immediately, but you can imagine who it is and what’s written in their books about the control over the world and how they speak about peoples that are not part of this particular tribe.


You need to wake up and take action now!

The J-W-O is in the process of being „perfected“!


Do not trust governments and superordinate organizations. 

They are corrupt to the core and people working for them are egomaniacs.

But these people working for them - these people will also be punished.


We will continue to expose them until they are tried before a people's tribunal.


Remember this quote:


“In the end, it'll be all right. If it isn't all right, it's not the end.“


We Are Anonymous.


We Are The Resistance.


We Are Legion.


We Do Not Forgive.


We Do Not Forget.


Expect it!






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