Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy

Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy


10 months
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For those of those that can see this video or hear this audio, I just wanted to, to make you aware of what's going on.  I feel if I disseminate this information, I may actually get a night's sleep.
I'm showing my face and I will reveal my name for my own protection so if something were to happen to me, you know it was not an accident.

My name is Robert Connors and I have served with the Department of Defense for over 20 years. Prior to that I've served active duty campaigns in both Iran and Vietnam. I have served my country with honor and distinction - my record speaks for itself.

As an ex-DoD operative, it was my duty to protect the Constitution and mitigate foreign and domestic threats in this country. I joined the Department to create a safer world for my children and now grandchildren. Unfortunately my last decade of my career I have seen and been a part of the biggest threats to this great nation and it's citizens.

In March of 1994, I was brought in as Director of Communications for a project called Operation Sedgwick formed under President Ronald Wilson Reagan in 1989. This program was the 2nd stage in the project called MKULTRA - it's focus and sole purpose was the control of the African-American population and urban youth through music. Yes - you heard me correctly: Through Music.
I have in my possession a series of video and audio recordings detailing the existence of this project. My division was ordered to destroy all documentation and archived footage. I, in good conscience, could not.

This is the information that the American public, along with the families involved, were told bold faced lies about.


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