Harry Vox and Cynthia McKinney Dives Deep into the World Crisis

Harry Vox and Cynthia McKinney Dives Deep into the World Crisis


11 months
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I don't like Steel. CIA remains CIA. He's a fraud.

Description & Infos from Harry.

Harry Vox dives deep with seven term Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney and former CIA agent Robert David Steele on the devastating crisis facing our families, country and planet. They tackle the difficult Zionist/Israel issue painting a dim view of its grip on our political landscape. A must see discussion going deeper than you can find anywhere else. Hold onto your seats!

Israeli Intelligence and their ADL monitors this channel intensely. This video with the congresswomen is such a threat to Israel that they will remove it within minutes. This interview is NOT Anti-Semitic but they will lie and remove it and call it hate speech. 100% guarantee that within minutes this video will be removed proving that they are as predictable as the tides. This video was uploaded at 3:40 am July 6th. Please download the original copy by searching "Download Youtube Video" and selecting the link ymp4(dot)download and pasting this videos address into that site and downloading this video and upload this truthful video to your channels before it is gone.



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