Anonymous ꄟꀎꏳꀘ ꓄ꃬꏂ ꑄꐞꑄ꓄ꏂꂵ

Anonymous ꄟꀎꏳꀘ ꓄ꃬꏂ ꑄꐞꑄ꓄ꏂꂵ


11 months
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Currently, we live in a world that we are constantly afraid to bring others into.

All because the people whom are called terrorists, are the ones who control us.

Raising false flags, to fund their wars.


Supplying drug cartels with weapons, due to a bill being signed.

Rights being removed.

Censorship being supplied.


Fuck The System, when the government lies.

Fuck The System, when corporations opperate under the table.

Fuck The System, when your insurance company refuses to pay the difference, due to greed.


Fuck The System, when you have nothing left; due to a political giants actions.

Fuck The System, when you are claimed a terrorist for practicing freedom of speech.


So many reasons, to many to list; that is why we here at NullCrew have taken actions.


People losing money, when we pay taxes.

People losing freedom, for speaking their mind.

People whom are suicidal, being shot by the cops; instead of attempting to help.


These are all reasons that Fuck The System has always been so important to us.


We should all be putting all of our differences aside for the bigger problems at hand, the fact that we are being brain washed.

That we are being punished, having rights extinguished from the governments own fear.


Anyone can make a difference, all it takes; is opinions to be announced.

All it takes, is a strong will; and the ability to see through with what you do.


We all want this change, more so then others; and this is OUR way or protesting.

This is OUR way of speaking our minds.


This is all of us, united into one idea.

The idea of true freedom, so as people who wish for this.


Let's all shout:

Let us be free!


#Anonymous #FTS

Anonymous singularity project


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