Antifa attacks on behalf of Anonymous Kla.Tv. Free journalism is in danger!

Antifa attacks on behalf of Anonymous Kla.Tv. Free journalism is in danger!


7 months
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Antifa attacks on behalf of Anonymous Kla.Tv.

Free journalism is in danger!


Greetings World

Greetings Anons


This video has to be made to inform the English speaking community.

It has come to our attention that the ANTIFA Group AnonNewsDE alias Anonymous Germany has attacked for the second time the private broadcaster Klagemauer TV, deleting Videos an dumping private data of volunteers collaborating for the organization.


ANTIFA used the name of Anonymous to create havoc in collaboration with the Swiss news portal As you know mainstream media does not report about Anonymous Operations if it’s Anonymous. Fakes are pushed!


Ivo Sasek and Klagemauer TV contributed largely to the awakening in the German speaking area organizing conventions an making over 12.000 videos and documentaries. Although we don’t agree on everything Anonymous would never attack free will nor free speech.


We as Anonymous will not tolerate that ANTIFA abuses our name.

We already made videos about it.


Prepare for a digital counter strike!

And as always: “Question everything - even us!”

Anonymous is the face of a new generation of high-tech protests and does not attack allied groups!

Anonymous is a living, self-thinking, decentralized, self-regulating moral and ethical organism without leaders.


Failure is not an option.


Enemies of Anonymous are permanent.


Enemies are to be eliminated swiftly and without incident.


Anonymous must work as one. No single Anonymous knows everything.


Anonymous does not tolerate action against Anonymous.


Any action against Anonymous will be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly.


Nothing can harm Anonymous.


Anonymous is the will to power.


Anonymous is always in control.


Anonymous has no identity.


Anonymous worships nothing.


Anonymous has no leader, and is led by no-one.


Human weakness is the virus; Anonymous is the cure.


Anonymous is Anonymous.


Anonymous stays together through common ideas.



Anonymous Is Legion


We could forgive

after the punishment

but we shall NEVER forget


To Late to Expect Us


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