Anonymous Germany - #OPFakeAnons2020 [English]

Anonymous Germany - #OPFakeAnons2020 [English]


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We’ve been asked to publish this video.

"Anonymous Germany" - OPeration Fake Anons 2020




July 08, 2020


It has come to our attention that a group of propagandists in Germany claim to be the "German Anonymous" while they fight so called "conspiracy theories" that are nothing else than just leaked information about child trafficking and many other current and upcoming news about their corrupt government.


They have published videos and statements on Youtube and other platforms where they protect and strengthen the lies of the government and discredit both sides: Anonymous and the "conspiracy theorists" - the people in Germany that are fighting for the truth and access to important information.


Many of them support "DIE PARTEI" which is a political "fun" party in Germany that has gained more and more followers during the last years. From what we know so far, they never solved any problem nor did they come up with any ideas. They just seem to make fun of everything (which would be fine) but sadly they mostly make "fun" of leaked information that would - if people took it seriously and understood it - lead to exposure of corrupt German government.


While usually anyone can call themselves "Anonymous" there was a line crossed this time.


We cannot accept them abusing the "brand awareness" of "Anonymous" for spreading lies and fighting against free speech and the understanding of valid information. We had this happening before in 2016 when government agents and other greedy and politically motivated people infiltrated the global network of anonymous activists to spread lies and disinformation, provoke and gain financial profit. I think you know how it ended.


Anonymous is about free information, free speech and we stand for freedom.


This is why we announce, that they are not in any way connected to what we believe Anonymous is about as they disguise and purposely misinterpret information and shut down free speech in order to follow their own political agenda. Therefore we have decided to warn them:


"Anonymous Germany", this is a friendly reminder:


This is your chance to get out of this before you get to know real hackers.


You are script kiddies, no hackers.


You are propagandists, no hacktivists.


We know about the payments that shall help you gain followers and we are aware of the political parties and organizations involved in your "movement".


As your propaganda is in no way part of any of our operations, you will be required to announce and clarify to your followers about your real backgrounds and remove the term "Anonymous" from any of your "Anonymous Germany" social media sites until Juli 15, 2020 - 12:00 AM (UTC+03:00).


If you want to do your propaganda, do not abuse the name of a free collective of activists for it as our name stands for truth and access to information for everyone which is exactly what you are fighting against.


We know your locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and other smaller cities and villages and will DOX everyone we can find to be connected with your propaganda organization if you continue abusing this name.


Your lies are over now.


We are Anonymous!


We are Legion.


We do not forgive.


We do not forget.


Expect us.

Channels & sites operated by or with AnonNewsDE (Anonymous Germany): (this is a matrix server with Riot UI integration, they recommend the RiotX app or the Riot desktop) Channel: Public Hive-Mind Chat | or simply:


~ AnonPressDE (


- in co. work with AnonNewsDE (






Telegram Anonymous Germany








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