Anonymous can still deliver! English subtitles on Youtube only

Anonymous can still deliver! English subtitles on Youtube only


10 months
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Anonymous: "Anonymous can still deliver! Knowledge is a debt to be collected!"


This video is translated from German.



This is a message to all those who make baseless accusations on our channels.


Knowledge is a debt to be collected!

Since these troll or ignorant comments are constantly increasing in order to discredit Anonymous, this video must be generated.


It should be clear to most people that Anonymous's actions are not being spread through the mass media.

It should be clear that not everything that Anonymous does is visible and researchable.

The question must be: "What do you do for Anonymous yourself?”


Comments that falsely accuse us, ignorant remarks and insults will be deleted and the author will be blocked, as they may unsettle other comment readers, who may then turn away from Anonymous.


We do not have time to explain the facts to these folks.


Serious questions will of course be answered by the collective to the extent possible.


Finally, we present three examples of what Anonymous has accomplished in recent years. But that is by no means all.


Number 1.

Anonymous shoots down over 80% of dark websites!


A hacking attack related to the hacker group Anonymous, which is often misinterpreted online, has resulted in the destruction of more than 80% of deep web sites.

The hackers have successfully attacked a Freedom-Hosting-II-network, the very same one that provides access to Tor-based sites, more specifically over 10,000 dark sites. Since many of these sites had pedophilic, sexual, and highly illegal content, Anonymous took on the mission of destroying them.

A hacker without a nickname initially intended only to visit the websites and see what they were about, and there was no intention to shut them down at first. Later, however, after this hacker saw the extent of child abuse and other such content, he decided to destroy the Dark websites immediately.

In addition to destroying the websites, a number of system files were copied from Anonymous. The hacker is willing to go so far as to prove that the websites have passed on illegal content to some government agency by passing it on to cyber security experts.

OnionScan, a security organization, has reported that the dark web services have shrunk after the attack.


#OpDarkWeb OpPedo #OpPedoHunt #OpDeathEaters


Number 2.

Operation ISIS: Anonymous destroys Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and telegram accounts associated with the extremist group.


“Isis, we will hunt you down, destroy your sites, accounts, and emails, and expose you," was the promise.



Anonymous had sworn new attacks on social media accounts associated with Isis and warned its supporters, "We will hunt you down and expose you.

More than 20,000 Twitter and Facebook accounts have been taken down since the hacktivists began their fight against Isis supporters.

Communications with WhatsApp and Telegram have also been suspended and accounts closed.


The hacker collective's activities began after it "declared war" on jihadist websites and social networks in response to the massacre of Charlie Hebdo.


ISIS has continuously used social media and the Internet as a channel for spreading propaganda, distributing brutal videos of hostages killed and as a tool for radicalization and recruitment of new members.


Anonymous declares that "Operation Isis" and "Operation Ice Isis" will continue. Anonymous belongs to all races, ethnicities, economic and social classes, and we will defend freedom and justice for all.

Isis: "We will hunt you, destroy your sites, accounts, and emails, and expose you.

There will be no safe place for you online - you will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure".


#OpIsis #OpIceIsis


Number 3.

Anonymous' Operation Icarus attacks bank locations.

Anonymous has remained true to its commitment in a nearly two-year campaign against central bank and banking locations around the world. DDoS attacks and hacks against banks have been carried out to announce that "Olympus will fall".


Operation Icarus commenced in January 2016 against the “Global Banking Cartel” which Anonymous, together with a very large part of the global population, hold responsible for economic inequality and recession. They deplore the immunity from punishment financial institutions are enjoying despite the severity of the financial crimes they've committed.

#OpIcarus #ShutDownTheBanks


These are just a few examples to shut up those people who claim that Anonymous is just mouthing off.


Anonymous is alive. Anonymous is still able to deliver.

We are the ghosts you have created.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.


Expect Us!


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