You better be ready, Victoria โ€˜n Australia

You better be ready, Victoria โ€˜n Australia


8 months
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Victoria is experiencing a "second wave" of Sars-nCov19, coronavirus, Covid-19 or whatever you want to call. In doing so, the state Premier Daniel Andrews (the only Premier in Australia who has broken ranks with the other states and thrown his full support behind China's "Belt and Road" initiative) has enforced the harshest Lockdown laws out of anyplace in the world (apparently).
The speaker's passion and anger is what is most important here. I haven't checked some of the claims regarding increased airtraffic from China into Victoria (Tullamarine Airport) but it would not surprise me. From my own investigations I know that Victoria and in particular Greater Melbourne urban area, is well ahead of other similarly sized cities with the roll out and implementation of 5G.
## An Australian Dropping #Truths #Wakeup

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