ShadowGate Full documentary (Read description)

ShadowGate Full documentary (Read description)


10 months
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The documentary film “ShadowGate” purports to expose the secrets of the massive ‘Deep State’ intelligence apparatus manipulating politics within the US and beyond its borders, based on the reports of alleged two private intelligence whistleblowers.


This documentary is about the private national security state that rules us with false news and controlled explanations.  It relies on whistleblowers from within the organization.



How military spooks, intelligence agencies and corrupt technocrats in every nation, news outlet, technology company and elected office collect, control & contrive virtually everything in our lives. This stunning expose will disturb you & blow your mind. 


The producer of this documentary was arrested almost immediately after this was released on 8/14/2020. 


If you believe this information is credible and deem it to be essential for the nation to see, please share as widely and intentionally as you possibly can.



I don’t know wether it’s a PsyOp to re-elect Drumpf. I uploaded it here because YouTube took down the film for “hate speech”. It smells fishy since it’s a Infowars production. But fact is that YouTube took down the video in less than a day and that should say something. It could be also a wanted Streisand effect. You decide.


Rabbi Media ehm Rebel Media's Ezra Levant was so upset he created a go fund me


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