Godverdomme - Wanbeleid (Misgovernace)

Godverdomme - Wanbeleid (Misgovernace)


5 months
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Dutch anti government Covid tyranny protest song with video footage of police breaking up demonstrations against lockdown and enforced Covid laws.
Often these demonstrations are stopped by law enforcement over claims protester are having fun and breaking antisocial distant law resulting in them mass arresting participants and violence.

Lyrics & translation:


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Minister of Justice and Security
Fred Grapperhaus (Decided next to a fine social distance perpetrators had to be given a criminal record until he got caught himself when a journalist photographed him at a family wedding hugging family members)

Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands and Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport
Hugo de Jonge (told healthcareworkers its ok to do your job in the carehomes for the elderly as long as you don't have a fever after which the huge spike of deceased patients can be seen on the national charts)

Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Mark Rutte (EU puppet who would outlaw way more things but oftend ends up begging people to please listen because their actually violations of EU laws)

Reupload from CensorTube , uploaded Jan 1. 2021


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