These dumb fuck yanks cause every one of us to suffer | DOCTORS beg FOR ivermetcin [CUE 00:21:15] times up

These dumb fuck yanks cause every one of us to suffer | DOCTORS beg FOR ivermetcin [CUE 00:21:15] times up

Capt Knutz Von-Butterroi

4 months
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00:29:44  This is an actual US Senator talking about frontline ICU Doctors and world leading researchers BEFORE anyone has said ANYTHING


Part II: Early Outpatient Treatment An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution

Before proceeding, I want to bring attention to two critical deficits in our national treatment response that has made this hearing necessary in the first place.

Besides the early interest and research into hydroxychloroquine, we can find no other significant efforts to research the use of any other already existing, safe, low-cost therapeutic agents. Seemingly the only research and treatment focus that we have observed on a national scale is with novel or high-cost pharmaceutically engineered products such as remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, tocilizumab, with all such therapies costing thousands of dollars.

This is consistent with conclusions drawn by a physician consulting to Congress about Covid-19 when she concluded, “There is a pervasive problem on the Hill with how we prove the value of a low-cost treatment.”

Another barrier has been the censorship of all of our attempts at disseminating critical scientific information on Facebook and other social media with our pages repeatedly being blocked. Finally, we believe the lack of clinical experts on the existing task forces is further hindering progress on identifying effective therapeutics. We can identify almost no members with any similarities to the skill set, clinical knowledge base, and patient care experience to our group of expert clinicians.

Existing members all seem to be either physician leaders of large health care organizations or have research backgrounds. Although many must have had some bedside experience in the care of patients in their careers, there seem to be almost none that have been at the bedside of COVID-19- 19 patients in any appreciable fashion during this pandemic.

Expert clinician panels such as ours have large amounts of valuable insights and wisdom, and we are extremely pleased to share our recent discovery of the immense potency of Ivermectin in COVID-19. Ivermectin is highly safe, widely available, and low cost. Its discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine, and is already included on the WHO’s “World’s List of Essential Medicines.”

We now have data from over 20 well-designed clinical studies, ten of them randomized, controlled trials, with every study consistently reporting large magnitude and statistically significant benefits in decreasing transmission rates, shortening recovery times, decreasing hospitalizations, or large reductions in deaths. This clinical data is also supported by multiple basic science, in-vitro and animal studies. Our manuscript, completed one week ago, is already out of date due to the near daily emergence of new, positive ivermectin studies.

The manuscript has been posted on the medical pre-print server OSF (Open Science Foundation) and can be downloaded here or on our organization’s website,

A more updated meta-analysis and review authored by a group of Ph.D. researchers and scientists includes all ivermectin studies as of December 4th, 2020 and can be found on the website here:


Testimony of Pierre Kory, MD

Homeland Security Committee Meeting: Focus on Early Treatment of COVID-19 December 8, 2020




Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: meta analysis of 26 studies COVID-19 Analysis, November 26, 2020 (Version 6, December 18, 2020) @CovidAnalysis




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