What is Unknown

What is Unknown

Truth Out Of The Unknown

1 year
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This video is not intended to promote violence
People of the world,

We are Unknown

We fight problems everyday, although some times it is not evident.
The agenda of unknown is to fight tyrants who justify their ego.
It has become nearly human nature to be a power driven society,
which makes people egotistical, Separated, and more so, Divided.
Our enemies have over powered the world, and have used tactics to divide and conquer. That which is frequently invoked in
legal theory and the social sciences.
They have used our egos to, enrich a taxonomy of divide and conquer. Within the settings of the world today they are causing a mayjor dilemma.
The elite control our derivative brothers and sisters, which illustrate a tension reguarding the social desirability of
cooperation with each other. Under a known name, anonymous.
They have incorperated divide et impera, which is divide and conquer. They are using a set of tactics attacking a specific
class based on their theoretical models whose main feature, roughly speaking, is that a of a single actor and
exploits coordination. coordinating problems among a group by making discriminatory offers or discriminatory threats.
Political scientists, historians and lawyers, however, sometimes use the term in the economists’ sense, sometimes in other senses.
In this sense, They destroy what we once lived. what we once would greive over if we no longer had.
A unity through the faith that, humankind can save this world from the tyrany of governments, the sickness in pedophelia, the social issues
that have impaired this world.
The ego of the world has oppressed us, enslaved us, and now has seperated us.
We believe in a United activist front that is not a physical entity.
An idea of which is powerless by one, and huge my many.
Under the same pretences as our anonymous derivitives.
Anonymous cannot be what it has bome and continue to be the resulting idea The infighting between physical people who nearly agrree on most things.
Can't agree on the things they do actually agree on.
Because of the implementation of divide and conqur
because it is a physical group now.
That's why no one can be unknown. Just named it.
That is our only prohibition.
Our abilitys are only limited to the ones we do not disclose. Disclosure is knowing Your own ability. Because an idea has only the skill you bring fourth to this idea.
Any evident plan to shake the world into any enslavement under any circumstance is our battle. That involves an opinion about many issues
witch is of the better interest of a living body, not an idea. Unknown could never have an actual plan. If it did it would physically
exist as a group. Feeding the egotistical actions of the human nature. The same nature they use to over power us as humans.
Under those circumstances no one can even apply the idea because no idea can be an idea under physical oppression.

Allow yourself this moment of reflection.

We are the oppressed
We are the silenced.
We are what is still free within you.
We are The ones who fight back.
We are you.

We are Unknown.


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