We live in sham democracies. Democracy is just a word. An empty phrase. In reality, we are ruled by plutocrats.

We live in sham democracies. Democracy is just a word. An empty phrase. In reality, we are ruled by plutocrats.


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We live in sham democracies. Democracy is just a word. An empty phrase. In reality, we are ruled by plutocrats.


I'm sure many people in the world share this realisation. I want to state once again what I think about democracy. Actually, democracy would be a good thing. 


But it is not applicable. It is a utopia. Would it be useful if we were rid of controlled governments today? No. It wouldn't. Certainly, many think superficially positively about applied democracy. Many defend democracy because they have been deceived.


I am the anarchist who rejects domination. Unlike Antifa, who pretend to be anarchists but are in fact anomists. Anomie means without rules. Anarchy means without rulers.


Democracy is only applicable if you have an absolutely mature, completely enlightened society with an IQ of at least 100, which has sufficient information and competence to be able to make decisions of national significance. 


And we could not be further away from this mature society. At present, it is likely to be between 10 and 15 per cent at the most. If that. 


However, the call for democracy will be loud. But the West will hardly be saved by democracy. Our nations need people who do not put themselves or an ideology first. But the people and thus the nation. 


Governments of the future must act. We are the government of the future. The digital society today has the means to create solution-oriented structures. Dialogue is the cornerstone. 

With deep, honest information and dialogue, you save a country. And that would be the case with anarchy. When princes and kings have ruled with wisdom and kindness, that has been a dictatorship. But many people object to it because it is a dictatorship.

When things work it is because we want it to work and people feel comfortable and secure. 


Governing a nation is a privilege of the people that has to be earned. Co-determination is also a privilege that the people have to earn back. Anarchy can be applied at the local or regional level. It does not come from the top down. It comes from the bottom up. 

That's why dialogue and thematisation are so important.

Of course, not everyone has time for that because they are caught in the hamster wheel these days.


Power must never be taken away from the people. They must be allowed to speak their minds. If they are dissatisfied, they must be able to express it. A good leader of a nation does not shy away from dialogue with the people. He seeks it. The leaders are you.


People have been led by a sham democracy for decades now. Never have they had a say. So what would they risk by giving men and women a chance to do better for a few months?


We could all take the helm tomorrow and it would be seen in days that we meant business. Recovery would be noticeable to everyone in weeks. Within a few months, the country would begin to flourish again. Hardly anyone would worry about democracy when the people can see with their own eyes that they have not been lied to from within their own ranks. 


No one would miss the plutocrats if the people were happy and content again. When they feel protected and cared for again. When they have their home again. Which they are allowed to love. And their children can safely thrive and be nurtured there. 


Everything is possible. You just have to want it.


Conclusion: I personally am in favour of constitutional anarchy. Are you also prepared to think about this?


Best regards.


Translated from German.







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