Our Anonymous rebel statement on collaboration with some Q groups

Our Anonymous rebel statement on collaboration with some Q groups


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Our Anonymous rebel statement on collaboration with some Q groups.


Dear Rebel Group.

We came on Telegram because our goal was to educate the Q’s, share our Anonymous philosophy and make clear what Anonymous is all about. Many Q’s did not understand this Anonymous philosophy at first and fell into the cult of personality and secret service trap. It is impossible to put hope in politicians and secret services. They are our enemies. They want to implement their agendas by any means.


We have explained this several times in the past with different videos and have always said that we are not against the individual Q’s, but we are against their way, their strategy of wanting to change something, the personality cult and false hopes.


We, especially Anonymiss Rebel, worked hard for the above goal and yesterday history was made. We were able to get thought leaders in different groups to think for months. It is to their credit that these thought processes have now led to an agreement. In the end, we were pursuing the same goals. This current sick system has to go.


We have to combine our forces into one big force to finally fight together against the enemy and against the satanic NWO and against the satanic system.

That is an important part of the Anonymous philosophy.


And for this we have fought for a long time to finally come together on a reasonable level.

It took a lot of talks as well as a lot of energy.


In yesterday's video message, we also clearly communicated what is important now.

Anonymous Rebel has given Anonymous a voice to facilitate communication and that will always be the case.

Because that's the only way we could create this unity.

We have to stop fighting each other.

We must finally fight the real enemy together.


We can be proud of what has been achieved in these months.

We have not married the Q’s. We are now joining forces which was our goal.


Many thanks to all.

Kind regards

Anonymous Rebel



Important message from Anonymous Ur-cadre chanology.


Hello dear people of this world. 


This is a message from the Original Cadre, the Original Idea and the founders of the Anonymous Idea worldwide.


We were born out of the then ever growing resistance to the shadow government aka the Deep State. 

We now want to deliver a message to all people and our Anons.


We are instrumental in the data delivery that has now led to mass arrests of porn and paedophile rings and their criminal accomplices in Berlin and other parts of Germany. This is a major blow to the Zionist and criminal paedo system. More blows will follow. 


Now we want to issue a warning to all supporters of these criminal machinations. 


We have found that our movement has been massively copied, cloned, occupied and infiltrated with fake names. This happened mainly through Antifa and other forces known to us. From now on, these machinations will no longer be tolerated and will be fought with all our might. 


Anyone who does not adhere to the Anonymous philosophy:  


Such a person is not an Anon and is therefore not allowed to use the name "Anonymous Collective" or Anonymous logos in writing or in pictures. These actions are tantamount to infiltration of our Anonymous movement and we will no longer tolerate this. 


Therefore, the following announcement is now made:


You have until 06.01.2021 to separate and distance yourself from fake channels, groups, owners and persons.


A public disassociation is desired. 


In this, you should also declare your support for the Anonymous values and philosophy, insofar as you are really Anonymous or want to be!


From 2 June 2021, we will label all fake Anonymous groups and their users as Antifa or system-controlled fake Anonymous groups, channels or users and illuminate them with our laser beam and uncompromisingly put them in the light. A list will be completed.


The years of attacks on our Anonymous movement have finally led to a collaboration with the Q movement as all Anonymous are people with backbone and we will now fight the common enemy in unity. We share common values other than the cult of personality. We have already affirmed this many times.

By uniting Anonymous and the true, honest Q movement - and we are not talking about whips, liars, gatekeepers and phonies here - an enormously effective link has now been formed.  Nothing and no one will be able to stop or even split this connection. 


The true Anonymous movement existed many decades before Q but large sections of the Q movement also live by our Anonymous values. However, we must emphasise that Anonymous is not a cult of personality. Q’s have brought good research, even if some already known things have been taken over by Anonymous but, and this is crucial and not an obstacle for this rapprochement and future cooperation.



These Anonymous values and philosophy have not only been clearly professed by us a long time ago, but we have also always acted according to them. This statement comes from the Q grouping.


This we will now do until we reach our common goal and beyond, namely: freedom and peace for us humans in this world.


This alliance only came about through correct and at all times constructive exchange among ourselves. We old fags welcome this very much. 


We have common interests and all the same goal, even if the paths are sometimes different. Differences of opinion allow us to learn and grow.


We are all one, we are all one human family. We are not stepping down but the bullies and the manipulators are in focus now.


Much light and love to you people out there in the world. We continue to fight together for truth, freedom and love - without any violence. 


We remain with best regards, 

the Anonymous Original Cadre. 


This video is a collective work.


We are many. 

We do not forgive. Only the Creator can.

We never forget.

Expect us.


Light and love to you all.



Translated from German 


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