HOT | David Goldberg's Secret Phone Recordings - Part 1

HOT | David Goldberg's Secret Phone Recordings - Part 1


1 year
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David Goldberg's secret phone recordings reveal new details about Project Pogo and Zyphr, as well as other mysterious information. Transcript of calls available here:


Tom & wife's call at - 1:02
Tom's 2nd call at - 4:03
Tom's 3rd call at - 7:08
Tom's 4th call at - 8:48
Tom's 5th call at - 9:05
David & friend's call at - 9:38
Phone threat at - 16:13

Friends of David Goldberg has recovered over 150 audio files from David Goldberg's safe and personal items. These files appear to be recordings of phone calls and phone messages, some of which were not authorized by the end user or were recorded sereptiously. Due to New York State's laws regarding phone recording and the need for two-party consent, we have taken extra care to gain the approval of the individuals who are featured in these calls.

We have contacted many of the people in these phone calls, after going through David's personal items and making attempts to identify them. Many of these people have not returned our requests, and some of them did not authorize the release of the recordings. We were able to gain the approval of "Tom," who was an associate of David's, and as well as another friend of David's. Both individuals requested we edit and censor certain portions of their calls and we complied with those requests. We also are releasing one of the many phone threats David received from an unidentified caller.

We expect more videos to follow in this series, as there are over 150 recordings and thousands of hours of audio. Some of the relevations in the unreleased audio are quite shocking and startling, and seem to involve individuals who worked for various intelligence agencies. Gaining their approval for release of the audio may be difficult, and we will, at some point, determine if censoring their portion of the phone call and releasing David's side of the call is the best option.

Friends of David Goldberg has only one purpose, and that is to release the information David left behind. We do not take any political position, or make claims as to the accuracy of David's information.

For more information, visit our blog:

David recorded over 150 phone calls and messages. We will be releasing as many as we can in the coming weeks. Please see our blog for a transcript of the calls, and the Veterans Today article, "Murdered for speaking out: Last words of David Goldberg warning of mass murder of Americans":


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